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Commercial Law


Our commercial expertise has been honed over thirty years in business - longevity is an advantage in law - but the best proof of our ability and commitment to helping you with difficult matters is to be found in our Testimonials section.

Areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Incorporations 

  • Companies Act 2006

  • Disputes between directors and shareholders

  • Sale and purchase of businesses

  • Partnerships and partnership disputes

  • Disputes between managers and employees

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial leases 

Our experience in structuring, transactions, litigation and mediation has always centred on  helping clients to achieve the best possible outcomes, cost-effectively.

We only give tax advice in collaboration with a suitably expert accountant or tax barrister.

Our fees are sensible and appropriate

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We adopt time billing, fixed fees, retainers and subscriptions. In some circumstances, clients pay over time or at the conclusion of their matter.

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