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Our Fees

Our fees are sensible and appropriate.


We adopt time billing, fixed fees, retainers and subscriptions. In some circumstances, clients pay over time or at the conclusion of their matter.


Initial Consultation

We are pleased to have an initial chat with prospective clients (free of charge) to asses whether or not we can help you, or would serve you better by referring you to another professional. If we do proceed to act for you, then most clients prefer to instruct us at an hourly rate, unless there are better pricing arrangement for your circumstances such as fixed fees or retainers. Our aim is to be good value for money: Our advice and work should make or save you more than we cost.

Legal Advice, Document Creation and Knowledge Portal

We use an online portal to enable you to create and manage documents, to chat with us and to manage your own legal affairs as much as possible.  

Free access on application

Arbitration, Mediation, & Concilation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is gaining popularity because it is almost always less costly (in time, money and emotional effort) than litigation. It is private, relatively quick and increasingly favoured by courts as a prerequisite to a hearing. There is an old saying that a good lawyer keeps their clients out of court, and we believe this to be true. Rarely does even the 'winning' party win. In most cases, with the possible exception of pure debt recovery, it is better to facilitate an agreed resolution between the parties. 

Mediation costs are £480 plus VAT per party per half day of the mediation. We take only private clients, not legal aid. 

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