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Our Fees

At Eddison Cogan Lawyers, we pride ourselves on offering fee structures that are both flexible and appropriate to your needs. We provide a range of payment options designed to accommodate the diverse financial circumstances and preferences of our clients.

Flexible Payment Options Include:

  • Time Billing: Pay as services are rendered, ideal for ongoing consultancy.

  • Fixed Fees: Know your costs upfront for specific services.

  • Retainers: Secure our services on an ongoing basis.

  • Subscriptions: A modern approach for routine legal needs.

  • Deferred Payment: In certain cases, clients may opt to pay over time or at the conclusion of their matter.


Free Initial Consultation

At Eddison Cogan Lawyers, we understand the importance of ensuring a good fit between lawyer and client. That's why we offer a complimentary initial consultation. During this session, we'll discuss your legal needs and determine how we can best assist you. If we find that your needs would be better served elsewhere, we will not hesitate to recommend other professionals who can help.

Legal Advice, Document Creation and Knowledge Portal

We use an online portal to enable you to create and manage documents, to chat with us and to manage your own legal affairs as much as possible.  

Free access on application

Our Pricing Structure

Following the initial consultation, should you choose to engage our services, we typically operate on an hourly rate basis. This is the preferred choice for many of our clients as it aligns with the bespoke nature of our services. However, we recognize that every case is unique. To accommodate different needs and to provide clarity and predictability in billing, we also offer fixed fee arrangements and retainer models. These alternatives can often be more suitable depending on the specifics of your case

Commitment to Value

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional value for your investment in our services. We are dedicated to ensuring that the legal advice and services you receive from us not only meet your needs but also represent a strategic investment — our expertise should aim to make or save you more than the cost of our services.

Transparency and Communication

We believe in full transparency when it comes to legal fees. During our initial meeting and as we progress with your case, we will keep you informed about potential costs and will discuss any anticipated changes to our billing arrangement. Our team is always available to answer any questions you might have about our fees or the services we provide.

By choosing Eddison Cogan Lawyers, you are selecting a partner committed to your success and to straightforward, cost-effective legal solutions.

Arbitration, Mediation, & Conciliation

Increasingly popular, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration, mediation, and conciliation offer a preferable alternative to litigation. ADR is generally considerably less costly in terms of time, money, and emotional investment than court processes. It provides a private and relatively quick resolution and is often encouraged by courts as a prerequisite to a hearing.

There's a longstanding belief that “a good lawyer keeps their clients out of court”, and we uphold this philosophy. The reality is that even the "winning" party in litigation may not truly win. Except in straightforward cases like debt recovery, facilitating an agreed resolution between parties usually proves to be the most beneficial approach.

£240 plus VAT per hour (both parties) or £120 plus VAT per party

*We kindly note that our services are available to private clients only, as we do not handle legal aid cases.

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