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Negotiation & Advocacy


Christopher is an experienced advocate and a trained negotiator, with a track record of winning on behalf of clients. His skills have been honed over thirty years of negotiating with lawyers, businesspeople, employees, banks, creditors, ex-spouses and grown-up children (of his clients!). He knows the rules of negotiation, 'batnas', leverage and information gathering, but tempers toughness by exploring clients’ and opponents’ deeper goals. In most cases this delivers better outcomes. He is strategic, resolute and fully committed to clients.   

Negotiation can be begun at any stage of a relationship, and can extend beyond the usual business, employment and family circumstances to include disputes with neighbours over access, boundaries, noise and smells, as well as disputes with schools and other parents over bullying, and the sometimes problematic behaviour of children and teachers. 

We are currently developing an interesting area of practice, working with 'activist shareholders' to increase the accountability of the boards of public companies to their shareholders, in circumstances where a board or management has not achieved planned, proposed or promised outcomes. 

Our fees are sensible and appropriate

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We adopt time billing, fixed fees, retainers and subscriptions. In some circumstances, clients pay over time or at the conclusion of their matter.

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