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Introducing our law firm

Eddison Cogan Lawyers

Commercial and Family Law

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Welcome to Eddison Cogan Lawyers

We are committed to securing the best outcomes for you, your family, and your business. Our team specialises in family law and commercial legal services, offering expert advice at reasonable prices .

Our Expertise

Family Law Services

We provide comprehensive support for families and family businesses:

  • Marital Agreements: Drafting pre-nuptial agreements and handling financial arrangements during divorce.


  • Child Custody Arrangements: Creating child arrangement orders to ensure the welfare of your children.

  • Business Relations: Addressing the commercial impacts of separation such as share buybacks and transfers.

Conflict Resolution: Negotiation and Mediation

While we aim to resolve conflicts through negotiation and mediation, our experienced lawyers are prepared to guide you through these processes. We specialise in:

  • Reducing Litigation Costs: Our collaborative approach aims to reduce the financial and emotional costs of disputes.

  • Protecting Privacy and Relationships: Negotiated solutions that promote confidentiality and preserve relationships.

Commercial and Employment Law

  • Commercial Law: Designing business structures to weather future uncertainties and achieve long-term success.

  • Collaborative Family Law: Facilitating amicable settlements in family disputes to help you move forward.

  • Employment Law: Offering mediation, case preparation, and legal coaching to navigate employment disputes effectively.


Legal Document


Our lawyers are adept at drafting a broad spectrum of contracts to protect your interests and promote your business growth. We handle:

  • Family and Commercial Loans: Including guarantees and debentures.

  • Corporate Agreements: Shareholders' agreements, director's service agreements, and employment contracts.

  • Business Deals: Sales, distribution, and collaboration agreements.

  • Company Formation: We assist in incorporating businesses as LLPs, Limited Companies (Ltd), and Partnerships.


Additionally, we provide legal advice for employers and employees on contract matters and disputes, along with assistance in business immigration for securing sponsorship applications and visas for overseas workers, families, and students.

Our Expetise


Peter Biedak

Philanthropist, Property Investor and Director of Aged Care facilities 

“Christopher has always been ‘on my side’ in various legal transactions and conflicts, and we have always prevailed. His advice is strategic and sharp, his approach is reasonable and non-confrontational, unless confrontation is called for, and his bills are reasonable.” 

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