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Introducing our law firm

Eddison Cogan Lawyers

Eddison Cogan Lawyers

Commercial and Family Law

Begin With the End in Mind

In managing transactions or conflict, our purpose is to achieve the best outcome for you, your family and your businesses. We offer specialised legal services and act mainly in commercial and family law:

  1. We act for clients to negotiate a wide variety of contracts, including loan agreements, software licences,  shareholder agreements and collaboration agreements. We incorporate businesses as LLPs, Limited Companies and Partnerships.

  2. We act for clients and ex-spouses to draft consent orders, pre-nuptial agreements, and deal with the commercial aspects of separating partners including share buybacks and transfers.

  3. We act for clients in civil proceedings but recognise that conflict can be expensive and damaging. Accordingly, we are also collaborative lawyers and mediators, so we seek to minimise the conflict, cost and publicity of litigation. Negotiated solutions maintain privacy, promote better relationships, and preserve wealth. But if litigation is required, we are determined to prevail.

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Our Expertise


Commercial Law

The right structures must be decided almost from the perspective of a time-traveller: Does the future hold growth, threats, disaster, betrayal or opportunity? Any and all can happen, and your business structures ought to be designed to ensure you and your organizations can prosper and prevail. When problems do arise, clarity of purpose, lateral thinking and the ability to act make all the difference. 


Collaborative Family Law

We practice collaborative family law, working with other collaborative lawyers in relation to divorce, property settlement and child issues. Our goal is for you to reach agreement, cost effectively and emotionally intact, able to move forward as parents and former partners.  


Negotiation and Advocacy

Our skills have been honed over thirty years of negotiating with lawyers, businesspeople, employees, banks, creditors, debtors, ex-spouses and grown-up children (of our clients!). We know the rules of negotiation, leverage and information asymmetry, but temper toughness with an exploration of  clients’ and opponents’ deeper goals, producing better outcomes. 


Australian Law

Christopher Eddison-Cogan is a dual qualified solicitor able to practice in Australia and in England & Wales. His Australian practicing certificate is held through his Australian firm, Qi Cogan Pty Ltd. We are therefore able to assist with cross-border issues involving family law (for example divorce, financial settlements and child arrangements) in both the UK and Australia.



Peter Biedak

Philanthropist, Property Investor and Director of Aged Care facilities 

“Christopher has always been ‘on my side’ in various legal transactions and conflicts, and we have always prevailed. His advice is strategic and sharp, his approach is reasonable and non-confrontational, unless confrontation is called for, and his bills are reasonable.” 

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